Icarus Day

IKA-R 49/TT 297-P ,use to be called "Icarus" was one of the greates achievements of Makkenian's constructors. With maximum speed about 43 dl and top altidute high above 4000 suppose to be uncatchable and deadly as a Hawk striking from the sky at non expecting anything enemy and then just disapear in the fog. 134 men of crew ,including oficers. 8 torreto-guns and armor thick to -this is still classified- but noless than 15 ek.for sure . This ship has been build to prove high level of technical advance of Makken and ofcourse save them from War against Empire.
It's been destroyed on a very first day of the war by single hit of melting torpedo fired from Imperial new type destroyer . This tragic even show exact disproportions between those two sides as for technical advance. The new imperial S-UN CLASS ship has started completly new age of flying battles . 4 times bigger and twice that faster than "Icarus" ,armored only in 6 torreto guns but useing completly new technology -torpedos -which been able to destroy unit with single hit . It started the war and ended it at the same moment -with the crash of "Icarus" Makkenians has lost all their hopes to win the war. Years after the war they still remember that tragic moment of their history and celebrating "Icarus Day" for most " Icarus" is a patriotic symbol ,but to the others - like poor kids from reformatory ,who use to decorate wrecage before ceremony ,as a part of their re-social convertion-it is a symbol of dreams may come true , to be a hero ,a pilot or even simple soldier - this is their unreacheble dream to make their palce into history and no longer be unnoticable for the High Class... looks like someone has already spotted their presence, it cannot be anything good from that relationship,but this is whole another story..til another chellenge I guess :)