For some time I take lot of inspirations from the past, my country , humanity generally or whatever but past. Maybe because I'm little scared looking into the future of humankind and try to freeze that moment our civilization acctually is and keep it for next generation as it still have some values worth to speak of before they vanish . With this simple image I'd like to take You for a trip into distance...no, that wasn't that long ago at all, dark...hmm, yes we were back then so called "pagans" but we had culture, believes , rules and we knew love also,so it wasn't that bad at all too. Ok , I will take You to mistic journey not so long ago in not so bad times when our faters' fathers used to live in harmony with nature and respect to their Gods and fear to their Demons. One of these Demons was Leszy , Lord and Keeper of the forest....unfortunatelly (for Leszy) a man Demon is not so atractive to paint for a male artist as defenatelly His wife could be. So before I finish my entrie "slavonic Gods and demons art book by Morano " (some day) lets just start with Leszy's wife first. The Slavonic tales describes Leszy and his wife Lesovica as demons, ghosts but going in to fun, fool or just scare rather than kill a lost wanderer ,somewhere in deep forest. Sometimes to pass safetly next to Leszy was enought to make Him laugh with simple joke (for example wearing your clothers left side). However Leszy and Lesovica suppose to be spirits of people who died in the forest , probably killed by animal or starvation when lost. So those characters are not so funny as we might think. In my version of Lesovica is more like forest guardian ,powerfull ,well build warrior , a mix beetween human and animal ,yet misty like ghost or mirrage vanishing in forest and air, and still little provocative or even sexy ,isn't she?:) Some may argue with me about this vision , but this is my vision and I won't go into any polemics until he/she shows me another to prove mine is wrong.