Sleep of reason produces nightmares

"Strange Behavior" -hmm , can be everything ...and nothing, and I just love subjects like that - Once you read this title the gate to your imagination is wide open. And when you open that door really strange things might happen. So this was my idea for this challenge, pretty bad I didn't have time to take a part in this challenge because of some usuall things bothering me every day. Finally i found some time and just few days before deadline. A little extension of it was a plus ,as you can see im uploading final 2 days after previous deadline :/ . The main idea was described in WIP , but once more in short: I was trying to create my own version of Goya's "Sleep of reason produces monsters" , repleacing monsters with my own "nightmares" ,coz what else can be more "strange" than human mind itself and what can behave more strange that human imagination? - but don't worry is not that serious as it looks , as a matter of fact I was trying to be as much ironic as possible and make some fun of me and my life, because after all those "nightmares" which I illustrated here are meaning of my life and I love them. I don't think I should explain who they are each one of them , or should I? The Husar in the right corner , obviously my addict to military ,history paintings, He's standing there and checking if I felt asleep already or just thinking about new illustration, with sabre ready to cut my head of if my illustration will be too much "fatasy" insted "history accurate " , this guy is pain in my ...fingers. Next we have my long legged friend called "high heels fetish" - shes keep asking me about new pinup illustration all the time as I have nothing else to do :) And finally strange person sitting on a side of the bed , we can't see her face but i guess you did recognize her at first sight. Poor Bess Khala ,she's not even bothering me anymore to paint , I guess she lost all her faith that her story will be ever painted ... And so did I :(