9 sqrm production

So this is the full story behind: small crew makeing movies in their small studio with very low budget. They do not care much about the final quality ,they just enjoy working toegether and each one of them giving as much skills and talent as they got themselfs to the movie. One day they decided to start series of b-movie horrors about huge monster called " Turtle-shaped cookies eater" ,named that after its best lunch ,but unfotunatelly it is not the only thing it eats... after few sequels quite successful ,they finally making their best movie yet " the revenge of the turtle-shaped cookies eater's mother" ...this going to be the scariest movie ever! final word 9 sqr meters production is a small , in fact 3 persons only studio, making b-movies in a room 3x3 meters . Not really proffessional way ,not really good quality ,but the most important is they enjoy that job a lot and each one of them gives as much talent as skill as they can. That is my simple story for this chellenge , I hope to get some more time and entry to video section too , after all you are all probably dieyig to see this " The revenge of the turtle-Shaped Cokies Eater's Mother " movie.