The fall of the Vess Khala

This not a story about medieval times ,this ain't a space opera either. They are living in "our" times. They know how to fly ,how to send messages on long distance (like telegraph or somethin) .But still they use cold steel weapons (So not be supprised to see high heels and sword at the same time :)) ,they have noble ancient clans ,strong faith and churches ,but in the same time they has great knowledge about chemistry ,biology or even DNA engeenering,some nations (especially the Empire) are very industrial (see my "kambir" image) ,they build colonies on most hostile lands of this planet (working name "Venhelis"),fight with teryffing creatures living there for every inch of the land. But the fight is worth its price -exploration for all cost!!! The Empire is the "evil " one. They started war they always wanted to be most powerful nation on the planet. But they love art, entertainment, has strong repect to history ,faith,rules and family. The Empire wasn't so evil in past. They just were one step forward to other nations , they disovered great power of blue liquids ( something like uranium but liquid), they found new resouces in Kambir,for that moment claimed as useless for all other nations. But they knew how to use them(how? -well this is what is all that "vehelis" project about! so I can;t tell You now). And in very short time they show to the world ,results of using those resources- new ,fast and powerful machiness, for example " Kuleenian slaughter" a battle of 300 Imperial troopers against 15 thousands (!) natives of Zabirian valley. The empire casualties was only 35 dead and 56 wounded. None of those 15 K has survived. The Empire just want to test a new machine Spirtul (something like machine gun- catapult which can send 10 k blades per minute ) - the test was very succesfull ,but it was 23 years ago ,think what they've got now! This advantage of the Empire made other nations little jealous ,and frighten "expansion of the Lanelian nation must be stoped! " , " if they conquer Zabir ,now preaparing to conquer Kambir ,what will be their next objective?!" nations of the Steel Ring (something like European Union - a Union of 21 most advanced and acient Clans on Venhelis)use to say. So Steel Ring decided to stop Lanelinas. This is another story ,but this was most darkest moment of the Lanel (home of the Lanelian Nation and Epire now) . Only 15% of lanelian nation has survived this embargo ,then war and extermination at the end. Then elders of the Lanel nation sweared to take a revange on Steel Ring. For 12 years they were building a secret army in Pandakara, they inventioned many new killing machines meanwhile ,far more powerfull than Spirtul. But the most important was, that executed Lykaien's (Leader of Lanelians) son , only suvived and hidden by nobles son ,was now at the age aloving him to take a throne of the Lanel as a King. So now Lykaine's son claim him self as a new Emperor of the newborn world ,and takes a revenge on Steel Ring for dead of his family and slughter of his nation. With Nobles ,great knowledge of chemistry ,biology , engeenerig ,powerfull technologies, new discovered resources at hand they buliding a "NEW ORDER" . But even well prepared by Nobles to be a coldblooded tyran , Eperor of the NEW WORLD has fallen in love with Neida - just a girl from destroyed northen civilization. That has changed everything but ,again- this is completly other story. Unfotunatelly I can't tell You whole story here ,but You I can sure You that is not my last concept art for "venhelis " project. So there will be more opportunities to tell You more stories about Vakkun and her sister Neida.